Warning: Don't let this dog's happy-go-lucky persona and liquid brown eyes fool you! He is a diabolical chocolate lab only pretending to be a goofy dog! Here is the evidence:

Fact: If marrying his Chuck-It wasn't illegal in 49 out of the 50 States, he wouldn't living in sin. However, he is seriously considering eloping to West Virginia so he and his ball thrower can live in legal wedded bliss.

Fact: He has trained his people to take him to Central Park EVERYDAY and throw balls for him with his beloved Chuck-It. He has also trained them to yell at him from far away while he chews branches and sticks he is saving to vomit up later.

Fact: Cooper has a secret stash of forbidden cats hidden behind his living room couch.

Fact: He speaks 9 languages, and likes to smoke Cuban cigars. 

Fact: Cooper is...the most interesting man in the world. Stay thirsty my friends. 

So there you have it! If you see this dog on the street, DON'T LOOK HIM IN THE EYES.

**owned by Michelle and Francis**