Klondike is a rescue from the streets of New York City, and engaged in various criminal activities prior to his rehabilitation as a house pet. He was a bouncer for houses of ill repute during the day, and at night put on his super hero costume to steal from the rich to give to the poor (or himself). In the meantime, he liked to bully forest and city critters for fun, before turning into a productive tax paying canine citizen. 

He does tend to fall back on his old habits when given the opportunity, and is notorious for mugging unsuspecting tourists for their breakfasts on the Great Hill over the years. His favorite M.O. is to sneak up behind them and snatch their bagels or baguettes (sometimes still in the paper bag). He then runs joyously across the grass while wolfing down his illegally obtained goodies.

He likes to say "I love you" and variations of "whooo whooo waaaaooo". What it means, only his owner knows, but she does a great job of translating his Malamute haikus. As a retiree, he vacations frequently in upstate New York, drives a Subaru WRX way past the legal speed limit and enjoys the occasional belly rub.

**owned by Mary Beth**