This is the story of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, no… not the former Canadian Prime Minister but the equally adored Saint Bernard Mix who is the talk of Columbus Avenue. Known by his closest buddies as PJ, Peejmeister and Lil’ P, his always sunny and social personality often rub off on everyone around him.

Originally rescued from Virginia, he was brought to New York where North Shore Animal Shelter gave him a temporary home. He was featured at an adoption event at the Union Square Petco one Sunday afternoon; it remains unclear if it was his crimped afro or his lovable smile but his owners instantly fell in love and gave him a new home.

Pierre is often seen strolling the Upper West Side howling at fire trucks, chasing squirrels, eating rocks, and socializing in Central Park. He enjoys all the neighborhoods best restaurants while people watching and meeting new friends on the patios. Pierre’s vacation time consists of taking road trips to the beach
and jumping the ocean waves, then digging his nose in the sand! At home, Pierre insists on shaking your hand and giving a lick immediately upon arriving home and is crazy about his high-fives! Like every puppy he has his mischievous moments, but his adorable smile and one-eyed wink usually ensure quick forgiveness, and a whole lot of treats.

**owned by Rahul and Milica**