Bear has the sturdy grace, intelligence, intense loyalty and drive to please for which German Shepherds are justly celebrated. But in other ways he is endearingly different from the breed with which he shares more than a few genes. He's not so serious; he smiles. He’s confident but not imperious.  At his water bowl, he drinks sloppy. He’ll roll over on his back and shamelessly angle for a pet. At age six, he loves stuffed toys as much as any puppy.

The early hand Bear was dealt in life was not a lucky one. Relief from the neglect and abuse came on a bitter cold February day in 2007 in upstate New York, when authorities rescued him and took him to the Sullivan County SPCA.  Adopted a few days later, everything in his life changed, except his name.  Now, he loves playing with his friends, walking in the park, riding in the convertible, swimming in the lake, taming the sprinkler, bounding through the snow, chasing a deer, resting idly on the couch.

And asked if his nose make his ass look fat, Bear replied, “Look, I'm an alpha male. Let’s just say I don’t hear many complaints from the bitches."

**owned by Jeff**