Shadow: Salty Dog of the Seven Seas

Shadow was born aboard the S.S. Beagle a ship more famous for its scientist, Charles Darwin, than its dogs. It's a little known fact that Darwin's eight dogs helped him develop his theory of evolution. They are the unsung heroes of the S.S. Beagle. Shadow was not one of those heroes. 

A tiny puppy at the time, he accompanied Darwin to the Galapagos islands. All snips and snails and puppy dog tails, though, the young canine soon tired of simply watching the birds with Darwin, and quickly got into mischief trying to chase the blue-footed boobies. Darwin, though a kind man, was dedicated to his work above all else and was quick to reprimand little Shadow. Shadow found sitting still all day was just not in his puppy nature and one day he decided he had had enough. 

There had to be some more adventure out there! He packed up his knapsack and headed to the shore. He flagged down a ride from a passing pirate ship. The pirates, a friendly bunch, quickly welcomed him, adorned him with a black eye patch so he would fit in better on the ship, and fed him some nice deer jerky. He had a grand old time with the pirates, learning to carry a sword in his mouth to fight off rival pirates, honing his digging skills to find or bury treasure, and even taking the occasional swim just for fun. 

As luck would have it, one day the pirate ship disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle and the next thing he knew, Shadow was washed up on the coast of Manhattan in the year 2011. He was  then taken by a good Samaritan to Animal Care and Control in Harlem. A week later he was adopted by a loving family. Though he has adjusted to life of dry ground in Harlem, he still likes to wear his eye patch to remind him of his many adventures as a pirate dog. 

**owned by Manu, Joy, Neena, Nicholas**