Aspen is an 11-month-old Siberian Husky who is often mistaken by foolish Harlem-dwellers for a wolf, fox, coyote or (ready for this?) werewolf. (yes, really.) She's extremely well-behaved and a total couch potato inside the house, but once off-leash time rolls around, her mischevious streak pops up. She loves nothing more than to snatch up great mouthfuls of grass under her disapproving owner's nose and sheepishly returns to face the inevitable post grass-eating time out... once she's swallowed down her "treat"!

Despite her impish tendencies, she's friendly, charming, and well-renowned for her talkative, howling ways & never forgets a person once she's met them, if even only one time. She's always a huge hit at the nursing home where her owner's grandmother lives and will be starting therapy dog training soon. Aspen is likely more well-traveled than some people; she was born in Missouri before relocating with her mother and littermates to Western Pennsylvania. From there she arrived in NYC in January 2011 after a complicated relay road trip with stops in Buffalo and Elmira. Her favorite pasttimes include playdates with her doggy friends & their 20-something owners and doing tricks in hopes that something edible will come her way.

**owned by Nzhinga**