Belle, formally known as Bluebelle, is six years old and hails from the New Haven, CT area. Her mother, Snap, holds many medals in obedience trials; Belle has not taken up this family activity as of yet. Belle began life in New York as a companion to Brunhilde, an 11-year old Airedale known for her curmudgeonly ways. Perhaps because of this, Belle is especially drawn to senior canines and is a cheerful, always up sort of girl. In fact, Belle likes everyone and everything except ceiling fans, vacuum cleaners, luggage carts, hoses (both water and air) and leaf blowers. She holds a special animosity towards manual lawnmowers. Belle collects Beanie Babies - her favorite one is the Puffin - and she has a feline's fascination with laser pointers. Belle loves swimming, especially when she can try and catch pebbles thrown out onto the water. Her favorite meal (after meat) is pizza crust. 

**owned by Francine, Fernando and Harry**