Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou was rescued from a parking lot in Brooklyn by a couple of very caring Hispanic ladies.  Her first language was Spanish and she still responds to commands (my mom's neighbor tested her on this).  They placed her with a school teacher on the Upper Westside.  She was mortal enemies with Gracie (renowned for the one ear up one ear down look).  But  after Gracie died and Lucy Lou's mommy decided to get married and move to the Galapagos, it just made sense that she move in and take over for Gracie.  Thus she is the ruler of 101st Street (and she now is mortal enemies with all dogs who move into her building without her permission).  She holds title to the northwest corner of Central Park but allows dogs and humans and raccoons and squirrels, etc. to share as long as they show proper respect to the Park.

**owned by Valerie**