Aza first set her wild golden eyes on her person on a street called HaShalom. "Dog!" said person (thank you New York preschools.) "Mama?" replied Aza and happily followed her person home. From milk teeth, floppy ears and dopy legs came old world fangs, proud pharaonic ears and long statuesque legs. She looks as if she stepped out of an Egyptian temple and into that Negev Desert, which gave her her sandy colors, disdain for being wet, love for rolling in rotting sheep skins and innards, and taste for sun-dried stray-cat cacas ("It's like tootsie rolls, Ma.") She has a racing stripe that doubles as a mohawk and isn't afraid to use it if you go near her lady donut parts. She is highly intelligent and agile - she can jump 4 feet high from standing and can take out a pigeon midair and hide the body in a flower pot without any evidence. She is working on overcoming her fear of the MTA, oceans and Korean ladies with Furminators. Aza loves sunbathing, belly rubs, cats, men, running, and pouncing after animals with fluffy tails. When chasing furry woodland creatures, she often looks like a deer, thus Aza's name, a modified form of the Arabic word for gazelle, ghazal. 'Aza' is also the Hebrew word used in the phrase "love is stronger than death." Indeed, she is full of love and sincerity. She recently immigrated with her person to NYC via Switzerland.

Breed: Pharaoh Hound mix (not a dingo)
BFF: Helix the hyena pitt hound
Secret Crush: Sam for his dreamy black fluffy tail
One wish: World peace
Alternate wish: a kitty to call her very own

**owned by Vina**