Seamus the Goldendoodle (also known as Shameless, Lameass and See-Moose) is well known in his Harlem neighborhood because of his head-to-tail mohawk. He had his 15 minutes of fame in 2010 when he was featured on Animal Planet on "Your Pet Wants This." 

He resides happily with an opera diva and an evil fluffy feline named The Deev. Seamus is deathly afraid of The Deev except when his Bestie Bitch Fred comes to visit. Then he chases the cat to please Fred and makes The Deev very, very angry.

seamus & fred 2010
His favorite things include frisbees, balls, stuffed squeaky toys, dish towels, mud, snowy fields, illicitly obtained roast beef, and, of course, anything that involves making Fred a happy girlfriend. 

Seamus finds any type of classical music incredibly boring and when his owner rehearses her arias at full volume, you will find him snoring under the piano.

He is 85 pounds of hairy happiness, and is one of the few dogs that has no human attributes whatsoever. Seamus is just...dog.

**owned by Lauren**