My name is Caleb and I'm a 3 year old shepherd/hound mix. My humble beginnings were on the hardscrabble streets of Quito, Ecuador. I was alone and hungry until the amazing Doctor Del Pup found me and took me to her shelter. She got me off the streets and found homes for me and the other dogs she saved. She sponsored me and got me a ticket to America. I was a skinny, scrawny pup until I found my forever home with the bestest Momma ever!

Now I live on the Upper West Side where I go out everyday with my posse in the Riverside Park dog run. On the weekends, I go to Central Park with Mom so I can hang out with my Bestie Bitch Fred and her brother Goofy. I go on lots of vacations with my mom and never have to ride in cargo again!

**owned by Shere**